My Christmas in a few words!

profileThis essay is about how I spend my New Year holidays, how I celebrate them, and in this essay I’m going to sum my last year. Last year was very interesting and unexpected, full of new acquaintances and disappointments. That year was full of achievements and unforgettable moments. That year I spent my summer holidays in Russia, and that journey was unforgettable. I gained many friends, with some of them became closer, and as for me friendship is very important, so this is very important achievement for me. Last year I was very emotional, I know this is connected with my age, as I’m teen, but this year I would like to be less emotional, and a little bit calm to that shocks. Every year I celebrate the coming year in the circle of my family at home, I have never celebrated New Year in foreign countries. We always decorate Christmas tree in Christmas Eve, prepare Armenian New Year’s traditional dishes. And during next 4-5 days, we visit our relatives and friends. I hope coming year will be full of warm hugs, sweet smiles and unforgettable conversations. Let this year be the year of happiness, peace and joy. I do believe that this year many dreams will be fulfilled, many achievements will be won. Merry Christmas and let this year be happy!


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