One of my happiest days

IMG_20130524_113206To choose the happiest day of my life is difficult, because I have had many happy days, which I will never forget. I just want to speak about my graduating day, because it was one of my happiest and sad days I have ever felt. For each of us the graduating day is unforgettable as we are graduating, leaving our second home where we have passed many years, we are leaving the class which has been our family, with whom we have had so many entertaining stories to recall. For me that day was unique. I promised me not to cry, but I haven’t kept my promise and I was a little bit excited. The day began with gratitude words for my lovely teachers, then we characterized each other, even sang some songs, danced and in the end we wrote our wishes and filled our “magic box” with these little wishes. We were all in black and white, girls with two-ponytails. After a big ceremony, which was organized for us, we went to the church and then went for a walk, walking in the streets of Yerevan. We stopped at the Opera park, where a big ceremony was organized just for graduating students. We were dancing, singing, having joy and fun, and we were the craziest class that even the show presenter greeted us for the stage! I have so many memories from that day, that a day will not be enough to tell them. In the end I just want to say that I will never forget my class, my home, my big family. I will never forget the memories, I will never forget this day.


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