Jumping young people happy group in meadowFor me, to be a teen is very interesting. This is the most interesting and crazy period of our life. Also this is the most responsible period. Teenagers have to think very much before doing something, because at this period they are building their future activities and life.

The most serious problem is that teens don’t think before doing something. They have a wind in their minds, they do, what do their friends, and sometimes they are getting into trouble. I can say they are like “walking disasters”.

At this period they are growing up, and becoming older, and sometimes they want to establish their selves. They want to be in the centre of attention and sometimes they do things, which they would not like to do. Disappointments and loneliness are becoming bigger problems for them, and they fall into stress and depression more often.

The other problem is a bad circle. Many teenagers are becoming part of bad circles, which don’t bring them any benefit. They don’t want to study, they think of parties, games and love. Love… At this period they fall in love very quickly and sometimes get out of it with depression.

But this period has its good corners. Teenagers are very active and even sometimes they take part in political demonstrations and meetings. They have great ideas of making our country a better place to live in. They are more sensitive, and they think of their environment. They feel the sweetness of friendship and become real friends.

To be a teen is very interesting. I want to behave like a teen forever. Staying a teen, means staying young!


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