English is one of the most global languages. What do you use English for?

gl-reach-mar03English is the first international language in the world. It’s very common language and it is spoken by many nations in the world. For some countries it is the first, second or third official language. Nowadays learning and speaking English is very important, because many lessons, lectures, programs are being performed in English.
For me English is very interesting and demanded language. It’s very important to know it, and I’m learning it with a great pleasure. For me this is an mins of communication with everyone you want and it doesn’t matter what nationality the speaker has. English always helps me to speak with Argentineans, who are visiting Armenia every year. It has helped me, when I visit other countries. It is just a way to be communicated.
English has also become a way to think. Sometimes when I want to write something or think of something I do it in English. Sometimes I also read information in English and it is very pleasant to understand what you read!
So this language is very important and inseparable part of me.


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