Some people spend their entire lives looking for a better job, house, community or even climate. Which do you prefer staying in one place or moving in search of another place?

Some people like changes, they like to make new friends, to live in a new community and find a better place to live, to have a better job, and also feel the changes of climate by moving from one place to another. They like to communicate, they like to discover new worldviews, to learn new languages by communicating with their new friends, to explore new cultures. But there are some, who do not like moving from one place to another. I belong to that group.

I like to be in a circle, where are my close friends, where is my family, where is my favorite job. I like to dig deeper and deeper, and to discover new things in my job. I do not think that changing job helps us to live better, to have better life. No, if you love your job and do it with pleasure, if you dig and dig, you will have the best job, as you like it.

Some can say by moving you are meeting with new people, with new worldviews (when you change your country, you change your living place, your climate). You also have to explore new cultures, and this is very interesting to do. But you can do it without moving or changing your job, house, community and climate. You can travel, meet new friends and talk with them with the help of computer and the internet. Now you can say we will miss them, but you can visit them for some time, and they also can be your guests. You can learn new languages in this way, and also explore new cultures, feel the magic power of four seasons.

So in a conclusion, I do think that moving is extra, you just need interesting and enjoyable job, friendly atmosphere, and travelling.


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