Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?

iNowadays, some may hold the opinion that it is better to enjoy your money as soon as you earn it, but others have opposite attitude. It’s difficult choice faced by lots of people because of the different attitudes they hold towards money.
I’m a teen and many can think that I would prefer spending money immediately. There are considerable amount of reasons why people think like this. Teenagers like spending money. They like clothing well, buying thing they like immediately and sometimes they can buy things which are silly to buy. Frankly I prefer saving money. I don’t like spending it as soon as possible. I’m the type of people who not only live for today, but also for tomorrow. We can’t foresee our future, so I always have some money for unforeseen contingencies. I have many reasons to support this way of using money as there were many cases when my saved money was useful. I don’t say that I don’t buy anything. No, I like buying new things and I enjoy them. I only save money where I can do it really.
I one word, saving money is right as we don’t know what will happen then. We always should be prepared for everything that can happen.


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